Final Conference Presentations
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Integration of ES in EU Member states - Latvia A. Ruskule
Exploring ESMERALDA case studies - Lesson learned and recommendations B. A. Esmail
Welcome presentation B. Burkhard
ESMERALDA final Conclusions and next steps B. Burkhard
ESMERALDA results integration and dissemination B. Burkhard
Introduction and overview of ESMERALDA objectives and achievements in four project Strands B. Burkhard
ESMERALDA Integrated assessment framework C. Brown
D. Geneletti
Ecosystem service mapping and assessment methods F. Santos
The business case for natual capital  G. Pecnik
Integration of ES in cities - Antwerp I. Gommers
MAES in outermost regions and overseas countries and territories - MOVE J. Azevedo
Integration of ES in cities - EnRoute J. Maes
MAES key achievements and roadmap for an EU wide ecosystem assessment J. Maes
Introduction Round tables J. Maes
Methods integration and interlinkages L. Brander 
Networking stakeholders L. Kopperoinen
Integration of ES in EU Member states - Malta M. Balzan
Integration of ES in EU Member states - Cyprus P. Dimipoulos
Integration of ES in EU Member states - Greece P. Dimipoulos
Assessing future interactions between nature and society using scenarios - IPBES P. Harrison
Communication and dissemination strategy and outcome P. Stoev
R. Hauser 

Ecossytem services Assessment Tool for Quarries

S. Broekx
Assessing ecosystems and their services in LIFE projects S. Donato
S. Nedkov