WP1 Coordination & Intergration

WP2 Stakeholder network & Implementation

WP3 Mapping methods

WP4 Assessment methods

WP5 Methods testing

WP6 Dissemination & Knowledge exchange

Work package 1

The overall objectives of WP1 are twofold: i) to provide a strong, coherent and transparent coordination in administrative management terms; ii) coordinating and integrating the scientific contents of the project, ensuring that ESMERALDA reaches its overall goals and that the various objectives are integrated and their Deliverables produced in a timely and efficient manner.

In detail, the sub-objectives of the work package are:

  • To foster smooth relationships and communication channels between the research team and the EC;

  • To provide overall project coordination and management;

  • To administer project resources efficiently and monitor overall performance, taking account of risk factors;

  • To facilitate dynamic, adaptive and flexible revision and implementation of the project and its results;

  • To foster integration of the six work packages along the four defined working strands and to facilitate transparency in communication;

  • To establish appropriate governance mechanisms to achieve iterative self-evaluation, continuous learning and intellectual quality;

  • To ensure the integration and consideration of the advises given by the project’s Advisory Board (AB);

  • To carry out continuous assessment of policy impacts of the project; and,

  • To coordinate the project scientific and financial reporting including audit certificates where needed.

On the scientific level, the main objective is to integrate the results from WPs 2-6 into a flexible mapping and assessment methodology.















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