WP1 Coordination & Intergration
WP2 Stakeholder network & Implementation
WP3 Mapping methods
WP4 Assessment methods
WP5 Methods testing
WP6 Dissemination & Knowledge exchange

Work package 6

The overall objective for WP6 is to embed the project results within a larger community of learning and practice and effectively disseminate the research process and outcomes to a wide range of relevant target groups with special emphasis on environmental policy related issues.  This will be  achieved  through  the following sub-objectives:

  • To create and maintain the project branding products, promotional materials, website, social network profiles, online libraries, and actively communicate, publish and disseminate the project results to a wide range of target across different social and economic sectors.

  • Assess suitability of project outputs to support specific policy-making processes, produce and disseminate documents and recommendations helping performing ES mapping and assessment in EU member states thereby providing impact on evidence-based policy and decision making.