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WP3 Mapping methods
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Work package 3

The overall objective for WP3 is to assess the current state of ES mapping in the EU and to develop a multi- tiered flexible ES mapping methodology to integrate the three value domains of ES (biophysical, economic and social) at different spatial and temporal scales. The sub-objectives are to:

  • Provide an overview of past and current mapping research activities describing its temporal evolution, methods used, spatial distribution and application.

  • Understand which are the main gaps of ES mapping within member states considering their needs to achieve Action 5 (as provided by T2.2) and provide recommendations on how to overcome those gaps in collaboration with WP2.

  • Develop a multi-tiered flexible ES mapping methodology ready for testing in EU member states in an iterative process with WP4.

  • Tests of the methodology in different case studies and elaboration of recommendations for EU member states on how to implement mapping approaches for ecosystems services in collaboration with WP5.

  • Integrate the WP3 results with the rest of project results in order to propose a flexible mapping and assessment methodology in collaboration with WP1.

  • Disseminate in collaboration with WP6 the research process and outcomes of WP3 results to a wide range of relevant target groups with special emphasis on environmental policy-related issues.