WP1 Coordination & Intergration
WP2 Stakeholder network & Implementation
WP3 Mapping methods
WP4 Assessment methods
WP5 Methods testing
WP6 Dissemination & Knowledge exchange

Work package 2

The overall objective of WP2 is to develop and facilitate a stakeholder process throughout the project and the creation of a European network to facilitate a dialogue among relevant communities. To achieve this, the sub- objectives are:

  • To  identify  relevant  stakeholders  from  the  scientific  and  user  communities,  as  well  as  national  and international funding bodies and to develop a stakeholder engagement plan;

  • To identify and evaluate what is required in EU member states and in different sectors in order to achieve the EU 2020 targets;

  • To create a functional collaboration network for the support of project activities, process of dialogue and knowledge co-creation;

  • To develop both member state and case study-specific profiles based on needs and opportunities;

  • To cluster all Member States by level of readiness for implementation of mapping and assessment activities in terms of availability of data, tools and personnel with appropriate knowledge and expertise;

  • To assess the practical means and provide guidelines to support EU member states in implementation; and,

  • To provide continuous support to responsible authorities in EU member states and ensure the continuation of the network beyond ESMERALDA.