Pavel Stoev

ESMERALDA Insider: Pavel Stoev on centipedes, open access publishing and science communication


This issue of ESMERALDA Insider will introduce you to Pavel Stoev. Learn more about Pavel’s contribution to ESMERALDA, his research and general interests.
Pavel Stoev is an Editorial Director at Pensoft Publishers, while also holding the position of a Professor of Zoology at the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia, Bulgaria. Being an Executive Board Member within ESMERALDA, he also acts as a leader of Work Package 6, dealing with the project’s dissemination and outreach.
On his work, research and interests:
Originally a taxonomist, Pavel specialises in Myriapoda, or centipedes, with a specific interest in cave dwelling species. Speleology is among Pavel’s hobbies, where he combines his passion, with his research interests.
As an Editorial Director of Pensoft, Pavel is involved in the company’s innovative approaches to open access and data publishing. In January 2016, Pensoft launched the One Ecosystem journal, together with ESMERALDA partners Benjamin Burkhard, Joachim Maes and Davide Geneletti, acting as an Editorial Board.
Being one of the company's latest ambitious projects, One Ecosystem aims to provide a platform for scientists, decision makers, and the interested public to share their knowledge and data in an efficient and open manner. It is published on Pensoft’s innovative platform ARPHA which stands for Authoring, Reviewing, Publishing, Hosting, and Archiving and is a publishing solution that supports the full life cycle of a manuscript, from authoring and reviewing to publishing and dissemination.
Within ESMERALDA Pavel is coordinating WP6 Dissemination and Knowledge exchange which aims to spread the word about the project outcomes to the relevant stakeholders and the general public. The project’s website development and support, preparation of promotional materials, social network profiles maintenance are among the major tasks involved in the work of WP6.
Under the editorship of Prof. Burkhard and Dr Maes, Pavel is also working on the publication of a textbook on Mapping ecosystem services, which will summarise the state-of-the-art of ecosystem services mapping, related theory and methods, different ecosystem service quantification and modelling approaches as well as practical applications. The book will be published in semantically enhanced online format on the Pensoft’s Advanced books platform and will be free to all readers. It is a joint product of about 100 international experts in the field, and will be used by stakeholders, students, teachers, practitioners and scientists involved or interested in ecosystem services mapping.